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Solitaire: Freecell strategy tips

This page offers a few general tips and strategies to help you complete and win the game of freecell solitaire.

1) You need to think ahead when you play freecell. Plan multiple moves in advance. For example, start by locating the aces and develop a plan for exposing the aces and moving them to the stack spots.

2) Try not use the free cells unless you need to. Try to keep them empty. In fact, it is a good idea to only use a free cell if you have a plan for how you will get that card out of the free cell in a move or two.

3) An empty column functions like a free cell, since you can use it as a holding area for any card. So don't be too quick to fill empty columns.

Cheating at freecell

There is a method you can use to cheat at freecell on Windows XP or Vista. This is demonstrated in the following video.

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