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ReversiReversi is a two-person game played on an 8x8 checker board (same board as used for chess). Playing pieces resemble plastic coins or disks. One side of each piece is black and the other white.

Players take turns placing playing pieces on the board until the board is full or players can't make a valid move. Players capture opponent pieces by trapping them between their own pieces. The player with the most pieces at the end of the game wins.

Reversi is easy to learn. Here are the rules.

A key to winning at Reversi is the ability to look ahead several moves and try to position your pieces to capture the corners. Here are a few Reversi strategy tips.

There are several places where you can play Reversi online, either against other players or against computer opponents such as GameDuell

The game is also known as Othello or Flip-it.

How to play
  Use this column to learn how to play Reversi.

Reversi rules
Where to play
  Use this column to find fun places where you can play Reversi online.


List of games sites where you can play Reversi online
Tips for winning
  In this column you will find tips and strategies for Reversi.

Reversi tips and strategies

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