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Dominoes: Overview

dominoesA STANDARD SET OF DOMINOES has 28 pieces, which are often called tiles or bones.

Many different games can be played with dominoes. Probably the most popular game is Draw Dominoes. When someone says, "Let's play dominoes!" they usually are referring of Draw Dominoes. To learn how to play, start with our dominoes rules page.

Another popular game is Block Dominoes, which is very similar to Draw Dominoes. The main difference is that players do not select bones from the boneyard when they are playing the block version of the game.

Other popular domino games (typically played as draw games) include Fives-Up (also known as All Fives or Muggins) and Chickenfoot.

Concentration is a simple memory game that can be played using dominoes.

Perhaps the most popular commerically sold dominoes game is Mexican Train Dominoes.

Dominoes isn't a complicated game.  However, there is strategy involved. For example, most players agree that it's generally a good idea to get rid of doubles early in the game.

Popular places to play free dominoes games online include GameDuell, Dominoes Stars, GameColony, Yahoo Games and Domino Duel.

Another way to have fun with dominoes is by setting them up and toppling them.

How to play
  Use this column to learn how to play dominoes.

Draw Dominoes rules - This is the most common dominoes game

Block Dominoes rules

Fives-Up rules - Also known as All Fives or Muggins

Threes-Up rules

Chickenfoot rules

Concentration rules - Concentration is a simple memory game using dominoes

Mexican Train Dominoes - Sold in stores as a game set but can be played with standard dominoes

Domino toppling

History of dominoes

Where to play
  Use this column to find fun places where you can play dominoes online.


Online dominoes games

Tips for winning
  In this column you will find tips and strategies that will make you a better dominoes player.

Dominoes tips and strategies

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