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Cribbage: Glossary

Two cards from each player set aside for the dealer.

Cribbage board
Board with pegs and 121 numbered holes used to keep score in a cribbage game.

Cut Card
The card flipped over by the dealer after the opponent cuts the deck at the start of each round. The players use the cut card when scoring their hands. Sometimes called the Starter Card.

Double skunked

When the loser scores 60 points or they are said to be double-skunked. In match play, this is the equivalent of losing 4 games.

Fifteen-two, fifteen-four
Common expression used by players when counting the points in their hand. For example, "fifteen-two, fifteen-four, and a pair is six".

Four cards of the same suit in the hand or crib. In the hand, scores four points. Scores an additional point if the cut card is also the same suit. In the crib, scores five points but only if the cut card is of the same suit.

Game hole
The final hole, hole number 121, on the cribbage board.

A player says "go" when they can't play a card without exceeding a total count of 31. The opponent scores a point on a go.

The cards dealt to each player.

His Heels
When the cut card is a Jack, the dealer scores "two for His Heels".

His Nobs
Jack of the same suit as the cut card, either in the hand or crib. The player scores "one for His Nobs".

See Skunked.

A series of games. For example, players may play a best of seven match.

An impossible score in the hand or crib. For this reason, players often joke that they have "nineteen" when they have a zero-score hand.

Two cards of the same rank.

Pair royal
Three cards of the same suit. Three-of-a-kind.

Peg out
To score 121 points or more and win the game.

The dealer's opponent is called the pone.

Three or more cards in sequence. For example, 4-5-6 is a three card run. Scores one point per card. Also called a Straight.

When the loser scores only 61 to 90 points the are said to be skunked. In match play, this is the equivalent of losing 2 games.

Starter card
See Cut Card

See Run

Another term for three cards of the same suit. Three-of-a-kind.

Thirty one for two
Expression routinely said by player who makes the count 31 and in so doing scores 2 points.

Twenty nine
Highest possible hand score. Comprised of four 5s and His Nobs.

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