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Chinese checkers: Rules

Number of players

Chinese checkers may be played by 2, 3, 4 or 6 players.

Game board

The chinese checkers board is shaped like a star with 6 points. Each player starts the game with 10 marbles filling all 10 spaces in their point of the star. This is their home point. The color of the player's marbles matches the color of their home point. Sometimes pegs or other types of playing pieces are used instead of marbles.

When 2 players play, they set up in points opposite each other. When 3 play, one empty point is left between each player. When 4 play, each player must be directly opposite an opponent. Five players cannot play since the game will not be balanced. That is, one player would be opposite an empty point.


The object of the game is to move all your marbles into the point of the star directly opposite your home point. The player that does this first is the winner.

Starting the game

Players decide among themselves who will start. When only two players are playing, players may flip a coin to decide who starts. Players take turns, clockwise.

Moving and jumping

The player may move one marble to any adjacent space. Or the player may jump over an adjacent marble to the space immediately past that marble. A player may make as many consecutive jumps during the same play as is possible. Marbles may be moved in any direction. The player can jump over any colored marble.

Unlike checkers, players do not capture a marble when they jump over it. Nothing happens to the marble that was jumped over. No marbles are removed from the board during the game.

Once a marble has entered the destination point, that is, the point directly opposite the home point, it may not be moved out of that point. It can only move within that point.

Watch the video below for a visual explanation of how to jump marbles and play the game.

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