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Checkers: Tips and strategies

Checkers is a deceptively simple game. While the rules are easy to learn, game strategy is quite complex.

Several good free online resources are available that will help dedicated students of checkers improve their skills. Our favorites are outlined below. We have also included video explanations of some basic checker strategy concepts.

Learning Checkers by Bob Newell - Mr. Newell offers pointers on how beginner checkers players can go about improving their skill level through the study of books, practice against checkers-playing computer programs, and live play.

American Checker Federation - Under the heading "Classroom" you will find information about famous positions, openings and strategy.

Jim Loy's Annotated Matches - Mr. Loy's site offers several dozen famous matches in standard checkers notation that demonstrate how experts think about and play the game.

Video: Checkers opening moves and the best counter moves

Video: Strategy and tactics, a checker problem

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