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  Like to play games? So do we. Here at LearnPlayWin you will find rules and strategies for a wide variety of skill games, some popular like Rummy and Dominoes, others obscure like Santase and Hola.

scopa Scopa, famous Italian card game

Scopa is one of the two national card games of Italy and is played using an Italian 40-card deck. Learn to play scopa.

How to play euchre

Euchre is a trick-taking card game for 4 players, playing in partnerships. Only 24 cards from the deck are used. Here are the rules to euchre

Learn to play hola

Hola can be played by 2 players or 4 players as partners. It may sound Spanish, but the game is actually of Ukrainian origin and is especially popular in central Canada. Here are the hola rules

How to play mahjong

Ever wondered how to play mahjong? The version most Westerners are familiar with is the simple tile-matching game played on the computer. But the real Chinese game is considerably more challenging, and much more interesting. Here are the rules to mahjong plus video explanations.

scopa Caro rules and strategy and more

Caro, also called Gomoku, is sort of like an advanced version of tic tac toe. Here is your guide to Caro

Online Gaming Resources

It’s increasingly popular to play card and casino games online. Sites such as showcase the wealth of options that are still available for American poker players. Other people prefer casino games which involve pure luck (roulette sites can be found at Whichever game you prefer, you can find it online 24/7 – read our guides to the rules and gameplay so you can play safely and confidently. Finally, if you want get a feel for current events in the poker industry, make sure to have a look at for the latest poker news.

Online Casino Rules

The rules for online casino games are essentially the same as you would find in a land-based casino, with the added advantage that there are more variations of popular games available online. You can also read more here about the rules and strategies of the most popular casino games.

Crazy eights: Rules and rule variations

The rules to crazy eights are simple, though a lot of creative game variations exist to spice up the game. Here's How to play crazy eights.

Casino Reviews and Slots

If you're looking for a good online casino reviews site, you should check out Online Casino X. And if you just want to play some free online slots for fun - slots-z is the best choice.

Cheat or BS

You might know this card game by the name "I doubt it". In this game lying and deception are strongly encouraged. Cheat rules and tips.

Gaming Safety and Legality

Online safety is important for any type of game, and it is particualrly important to find out where you can play safe online casino games for real money and secure transactions. Moreover, no one wants to be subject to legal ramifications from gaming online so it is also important to know what sites operate legally.

Toppling dominoes

Did you know that the world record for domino toppling is over 4 million dominoes? Here are a few tips and ideas to help you get started with domino toppling

Played reversi lately?

Reversi, also known as Othello, falls into that category of games that take "a minute to learn, a lifetime to master." Reversi guide is here.

The ultimate tic-tac-toe strategy

With proper strategy, you will never lose another game of tic tac toe in your life. Tic Tac Toe guide is here.

santase Santase, a Bulgarian card game for two players

Santase is a fun heads-up card game that's popular in Bulgaria. It's played using only 24 cards from the deck. The rules are a little tricky, but if you're a card lover, you'll want to give this game a try. Santase rules

Real Money Gaming Resources

There are various ways to make money at skill games and also at online games. One example is a popular slots game such as Asian Beauty, which can be played at online casino providers such as Jackpot City. You can read more about how to play this type of game at popular online guides such as

Draw dominoes rules and tips

Dominoes is super-popular in Latin America. The most commonly played version is called "draw". If you want to give draw dominoes a try, here are the rules. Of course you will also find strategy tips in our Dominoes Guide to help you win more often.

Definition of "skill games"

Which games qualify as skill games and which don't? Certainly backgammon, rummy and online poker qualify but what about games that are determined predominantly by luck? Here's our definition of skill games.

Mexico dice game

This is a fun game to play with a group of friends, especially when played for money. Learn to play mexico.

US Gambling Legalities

The US real money gambling landscape is ever-changing, with new bills introduced in several states. Find out more about new legal developments at

Casino Reviews

You deserve nothing but the best when it comes to choosing an online casino when gambling with your hard-earned money. So choose from this list of best online casinos covering reviews, bonuses and payout ratings.

Non-traditional cribbage boards

Apart from the standard "29-style" cribbage board, you can also find boards in all kinds or crazy shapes crafted from non-traditional materials like metal and leather. More about crib boards

Tricky cribbage hand to score

Test yourself. See if you can figure out the correct scoring for this tricky cribbage hand. No, there's no prize for the correct answer just a whole lot of self-pride!

Rummy-O is a tile version of rummy

Did you know that rummy can be played with tiles instead of cards? The rules are similar but there are twice as many tiles as there are cards in a deck. So the game is essentially like playing rummy with two decks. Rummy guide is here.

checkers Checkers is surprisingly complex

Checkers may not be as simple as you think. Game strategy is surprisingly complex and can test even the strongest adult mind. See our checkers guide.

5 easiest skill games

Find out which skill games are easiest to learn. Here's a list of the top 5 easiest skill games with the simplest rules.

How to play pyramid solitaire

In this version of solitaire, the cards are dealt out in the shape of a pyramid. The challenge is to remove cards in pairs that add up to 13 until you have dismantled the pyramid. The rules to pyramid solitaire are here.

Using software to become a better backgammon player

The fastest way to improve your backgammon skill and become a winning player is with the aid of training sofware. Better still, some of this sofware is free. More backgammon info here.


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